Canadian HR Academy offers professional development courses and programs that can accelerate the careers of hard-working, smart, professionals like you!

No more taking a course and forgetting the content by the time you are back in the office.  We take every step to help you truly learn the material, rather just become familiar with it.

With your enriched knowledge and experience base after investing in continual learning with us, you are better positioned to ADVANCE YOUR CAREER by getting promoted with your current employer, taking a better job with a new employer, launching a management consultancy in one of the Talent Management areas, or growing an established firm.  SKY IS THE LIMIT, and you get to decide how far you would like to go.


Talent Management Program

Mediation Training For HR

Mediation Training Program

Financial Analysis for HR

Finance & Accounting Program

Capital Budgeting for HR

Capital Budgeting Program

Coaching for HR

Workplace Coaching Program

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition COURSE

Succession Planning

Succession Planning COURSE

Performance & Leadership

Performance & Leadership Development Course

Collaboration & Client Service

Collaboration & Client Service Course

Influencing Others at Work

Influencing Others at Work Course

Nothing but the best for your ongoing career growth and development


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