Skillfully Mediate Workplace ConflictWorkplace Mediation Training Program

Mediation is a tool that helps people to resolve workplace interpersonal and professional issues in such a way that the relationship at stake remains intact.

In workplaces there are many opportunities for conflict.  Issues may arise as a result of any of the following subjects – the intergenerational workforce, cross-cultural diversity, gender, race/nationality/ethnicity, language, organizational change, new management, existing management, interpersonal style, professional approach, technology, and many others.

Our Mediation training program, designed for HR professionals, is based on a blend of the Facilitative and Transformative models of Mediation which teach participants how to guide parties in the workplace to negotiate based on their individual needs and shared interests with the goal of repairing underlying relationships enroute to settlement.

This 1½ Day program is rich, highly experiential, and practical.  In the first segment we cover the contextual grounding of general Mediation principles.  In the second and third segments we provide participants with hands-on Mediation practice on, real-life, workplace issues using role plays.  In the latter two segments a Chartered Mediator provides step-by-step coaching with frequent individual feedback as well as group-wide debriefs.

11 CPD Hours

HRPA Pre-Approved

Topics Covered:

  • General Mediation Principles
  • Conflict Identification and Analysis
  • Evaluation of Individual Positions
  • Mediation Skills Development – Part I
    • Includes Dealing with an Impasse
  • Mediation Skills Development – Part II
    • Includes Achieving Settlement and Resolution

Who Should Take this Program?

  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Talent Management Professionals
  • Training and Development Professionals
  • Organizational Development Professionals
Workplace Mediation Training Program

Workplace Mediation Training Program

In-Class Delivery


June 10-11, 2020
October 21-22, 2020




Day 1: 9am ET to 6 pm ET
Day 2: 9am ET to 12 pm ET


Snacks will be available throughout the day


Day 1: Two 15-minute breaks and one 30-minute lunch
Day 2: One 15-minute break


$1,425 + tax


  • Workplace Mediation Toolkit
  • Mediation Process Steps
  • Mediator Skills
  • Mediator Tools
  • Interests Compendium
  • Interests v.s. Positions
  • Mediators’ Monologue

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