New Course Formats

The Succession Planning course, Strategic Talent Acquisition Course, and Performance & Leadership Development Course are now also available through the Live Web Workshop channel.   Details have been provided below:

Succession Planning Course: Live Web-based Workshop C$495 plus HST per person; 3 hours – OPEN ENROLLMENT (available on demand).

  • Succession Planning – What it is.
  • Replacement Planning v.s. Succession Planning.
  • Strategic Reasons for Succession Planning.
  • The Employee’s Role in Succession Planning.
  • Steps in the Succession Planning Process.
  • The Succession Planning Value Chain.
  • Overview of a Succession Planning Chart.
  • Who Gets Promoted? Who Doesn’t?   And, Why?
  • Who Has High Potential?
  • 9-Box Succession Planning Model.

Strategic Talent Acquisition Course: Live Web-based Workshop; C$250 plus HST per person; 3 hours – OPEN ENROLLMENT (available on demand)

  • Corporate Planning.
  • Workforce Planning and the Demand for Talent.
  • Supply of Talent.
  • Talent Sourcing.
  • Talent Attraction.
  • Recruiting – Legal Considerations.
  • Recruiting – What to Look for in Candidates.
  • Competency-Based Interviewing.
  • Accommodation/Equity.
  • Selecting Employees.

Performance Management &  Leadership Development Course: Live Web-based Workshop; C$495 plus HST per person; 3 hours – OPEN ENROLLMENT (available on demand)

  • Performance Management Fundamentals.
  • Performance Management Tools.
  • Performance Management Methods.
  • Balanced Scorecard Approach.
  • Setting Cascaded Objectives from a Strategic Plan.
  • Performance Coaching.
  • Managing Performance of Individual Contributors and People Leaders.
  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • Creating Development Plans.
  • Leading Talent Reviews.
  • Talent Review Outcomes.
  • Managing Crucial Career Conversations.
  • Leadership Development Fundamentals.
  • Leadership Development Approaches.
  • The 70.20.10 Leadership Development Model.

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