Succession Planning Course

Succession planning plays an important role in any organization as it ensures the right talent is identified and developed into future organizational leaders.

Through this interactive workshop we will provide you with the skills to conduct Talent Reviews, identify High-Potential Talent, create Succession Plans, and create Development Plans that can effectively close competency gaps.  You will gain an understanding of how the Succession Plan can be integrated into your company’s broader Talent Strategy.

This workshop is hands-on, practical, and includes discussion of several business cases.

Areas covered:

  • Succession Planning – What it is.
  • Replacement Planning v.s. Succession Planning.
  • Strategic Reasons for Succession Planning.
  • The Employee’s Role in Succession Planning.
  • Steps in the Succession Planning Process.
  • The Succession Planning Value Chain.
  • Overview of a Succession Planning Chart.
  • Who Gets Promoted? Who Doesn’t?   And, Why?
  • Who Has High Potential?
  • 9-Box Succession Planning Model.
  • Leadership Derailers.
  • Voluntary Exits.
  • Involuntary Exits.
  • Involuntary Exits – Just Cause.
  • Constructive Dismissal.
  • The Termination Interview.
  • How to Avoid Wrongful Dismissal Lawsuits.

Who Should Take this Course?  

  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Training and Development Professionals
  • Talent Management Professionals
  • Organizational Development Professionals

Format: 8 hours | In-Class

Fee: $725 plus HST (includes program manual/workbook and breakfast)

For program details please contact us at 647.925.3585 extension 201 or

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